Step by step – From cycle day 1 and a mindset reminder

One step at at time, lets start at the beginning and just work through your cycle. Too much information can often lead to overwhelm especially when our lives are already so full. Using tools like a diary, calendar, alarms or a notebook can help.

REMINDER if you havent already – DO IT NOW ….

Get yourself a diary, calendar, or use your phone – whatever method works for you.

By now I hope you have got a handle on your cycle, are using an opk to determine ovulation and have started eating the Fertility foods listed in Module 2.

I hope you are taking hot baths, doing yoga / breathing techniques a few times a week.

Set lively alarms on your phone to remind you to take your supplements, start a meditation, have a relaxing bath, or do your yoga poses.

Plan your meals in advance or do your grocery shopping and cooking on your day off, so you’re well-prepared to enjoy the best, most nutritious, fertility-friendly foods every day.

I understand that trying to do everything outlined in this course might be overwhelming. That’s why I want you to choose what feels right for you.

Here’s my suggestion: start with the recommendation that seems easiest to incorporate into your lifestyle, and then gradually add more as you go along. Create a schedule that works for you.

Commit to making a few small changes at first and gradually increase them as you become more comfortable with your new routines. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.

Believe in yourself, you’re an amazing person, specially made to create life.

Your body is an incredible powerhouse that grew from just two tiny cells into the incredible human you are today.

Focus on what you want and forget about what’s been holding you back. What you think about every day is what you’ll keep experiencing.

So, choose NOW: Do you want to keep thinking about and perpetuating hormone imbalances and failed attempts, or would you prefer to imagine and create a positive pregnancy test, see your baby growing in ultrasounds, and hold your precious little one in your arms over the coming months.

TIP; If someone asks about your attempts or you feel like sharing, just stay positive. Say you’re working on it and excited for what’s to come, don’t go into any negative detail or doubt. 

STEP by STEP (print the pdf)

STARTING with CD 1 (the first day of real bleeding not spotting) mark it on your calendar and then each day put CD2 CD3 etc all the way to the first day of your next period which will be around CD28 note – that last day of your cycle is also CD1 to start off your new cycle. 

When purchasing your opk’s find one that has a sensitivity of 25 IU/ml or 24- 48 hrs before Ovulation

(not more sensitive than that or you’ll get so many faint lines you will be so confused)