Do’s and dont’s for boosting fertility.

I think you’ll find if you fill your fridge with fertility friendly food and plan ahead you will find the transition from junk food to baby making food easier than if you fail to prepare.

Download and print the shopping list, meal suggestions and bonus Fertility recipes to get you started on your Fertility Food journey. The rewards will outweigh the perceived sacrifice – And your body will thank you.

Start slowly

My suggestion is to start slowly, choose one or two things to change like removing coffee and or alcohol. 

Tomorrow try to reduce caffeine intake to 1 a day and do that for the next 7 days ….  before cutting it out altogether next week 

Then second week you could work on eliminating sugar and all food and drinks that contained refined sugars and the next week work on removing all white flour products then dairy then processed snack foods, take away and pre-packaged foods.

It would be too hard to try to change everything all at once, be kind on yourself and understand that its ok if you have have a day that you relapse and eat something not so ideal – guilt is far worse than accepting you had a craving and gave in to it.

Its more about changing your habits and beliefs about food and diet which is why I have included a bonus subconscious reprogramming to help you implement the changes you will learn about in this module.

Here are a few delicious fertility friendly recipes to get you started – you can replace any of the proteins with other proteins from the shopping list or any of the veggies from other veggies from the shopping list to create healthy nutritious vitamin and mineral rich foods that can certainly help you move closer to achieving your dream.