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Smart Stork has become one of the most widely used
Gender Selection Systems around the globe,

with unmatched accuracy and personal customer service
 Smart Stork is the most sensible choice for your family planning. 

                    We have 3 main services available 

 Our Gender Selection programs,

 A Twins program
 Fertility Advice 

Prices for Smart Stork Memberships

Smart Stork Gender Selection System for 5 year
          costs AU$500             

includes everything you can possibly do to sway the

odds to conceive your preferred gender baby                                                                                

Smart Storks unique Gender selection

biorhythm program for the next 5 years

+ preconception diets for boy or girl

+ douche recipes and instructions

+ timing methods and instructions

+ special instructions for him

+ special instructions for her

Prices for Smart Storks Twins program  

Smart Storks unique twins program                                        costs AU$500 

Smart Storks Natural Fertility advice  

Natural Fertility Advice/information                                       costs AU$500
(pdf file) including
10 personal email consultations
cycle analysis and advice on how to regulate and
normalize your cycle
dietary and lifestyle recommendations for optimum
fertility, tips and advice on how to increase your
fertility naturally for him and her                                   




Services explained in further detail
The Smart Stork Gender Selection System  this program gives you access to all of the information you need to increase your chances of conceiving your preferred sex baby, we provide you with the boy and girl diet and supplement information, how to douche and timing instructions, advise for the man; how to alter the ratio of male to female sperm and advice on how to ensure your environment is perfect for the conception of your preferred gender baby.
Natural Fertility advice

Natural Fertility Advice which includes up to 25 personal email consultations, detailed information and advice to help regulate your cycles and correct hormone imbalance and advise on hormone levels., lifestyle and diet alterations to boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby quickly


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