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Fertility Advice

Unexplained infertility or sub fertility is usually diagnosed when a couple has tried unsuccessfully for over twelve months to conceive a child. It is important to uncover the reason behind this apparent infertility, and is therefore recommended that at the onset, several tests should be undertaken.

* The man should have a semen analysis and a full blood count, to detect any deficiencies.

* The woman should have a hormone level test on day 20 of her cycle (or 7 days past ovulation), as well as a full blood count, to detect any deficiencies (deficiencies relating to sub fertility are outlined in the dietary recommendations). Ask your GP to test for these levels specifically.

There are many possible reasons for sub fertility, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, stress, as well as other external factors such as over exposure to EMF, lifestyle choices such as smoking etc.

Once we can recognize the cause, we can then work on the solution, and help you to achieve the desired outcome, the conception of a healthy baby.

It may be necessary to balance your reproductive hormones, by stimulating the sex glands, increasing the nutritional content of the food you ingest, introduce exercise and relaxation or meditation, and by avoiding synthetic hormones. Stimulation of the sex glands, eliminating toxins from the body, and increasing circulation, can be done with the use of herbs, vitamin and mineral rich fruit and vegetables, by taking a reputable multi-vitamin and mineral formula and by having some natural therapies such as reflexology, homeopathy natuopathy, Chinese herbs or acupuncture.

Our Fertility Advice has been helping couples for over ten years to conceive happy healthy babies, by making a few dietary and lifestyle changes ~ we can help to improve your chances of conceiving a healthy baby as well.

What does the Fertility program cost?

Smart Storks Natural Fertility advice for 5 years
                         costs AU$500

Natural Fertility Advice/information (pdf flie)
10+ personal email consultations                                  
cycle analysis and advice on how to regulate and
normalise your cycle
dietary and lifestyle recommendations for optimum
fertility, tips and advice on how to increase your
fertility naturally for him as well as her  
how to create the perfect conception attempt so you
to get pregnant quicker



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