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                                       How to have a boy or a girl 

More information on the biorhythm cycles and how that affects your baby's gender

Dr Wilhelm Fliess, identified  the first two major biorhythms being the physical and the emotion he noticed that these cycles established themselves as an internal body clock in each of us, starting the day of our birth and lasting all our entire lifetime. Dr Hermann Swoboda,

Professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, confirmed these major biorhythm cycles and identified a complex mathematical equation that demonstrated the regularity and

accuracy of the biorhythms.  Further research  by Dr Irvin Fisher and John Toran looked at the possibility of being able to determine the sex of a baby in accordance with a mother’s biorhythms.

The results were amazing! the research demonstrated a success rate of 95 %. These results are based on the fact that the determination of the sex of the baby at the time of the ovulation is connected to the pH of the womans reproductive system particularly the fluctuations in pH of certain fractions that exist within the follicular fluid.  The combination of the biorhythms influences production of either alkaline fractions in the follicular fluid which gives preference to the Y sperm cells (conceive a boy),  or production of acidic fractions in the follicular fluid which gives preference to the X sperm cells (conceive a girl).  Also altering the conditions surrounding the egg, increasing the chances of either Y (boy) sperm cells  or X (girl) sperm cells successfully being able to penetrate and fertilise it…..

The Smart Stork System for gender selection provides you with all the information and advice needed to alter the conditions within the womans body at every step of the conception process, our unique program also lets you know whether your follicular fluid pH will be acidic or alkaline at the moment of ovulation and predicts whether your baby will be a boy or a girl if you were to attempt conception at that time.We also help you to make sure conditions within the reproductive tract including your cervical mucus will be favorble for the sex baby you are trying to conceive increasing your chances of successfully conceiving a baby boy or girl.

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