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            Natural Gender Selection ~ How to have a boy or a girl?

It is possible to choose the sex of your baby,
with greater odds than ever before
Here at Smart Stork, we have been helping
couples to conceive their preferred gender
babies for  20 years.

Our success rate in gender selection
Is still over 95%

The Natural Gender Selection pioneers,
Smart Stork was one of the first 4 websites to provide
information about how to choose the sex of your baby. 
Today there are literally thousands of websites claiming
they know how to get a boy or a girl. 
For anyone looking for a helping hand in conceiving
the baby of their dreams all this information
must be confusing!


Gender Selection and pH

Smart Storks unique gender selection program, is based primarily on a womans biorhythm cycle and the alternating pH of acidic and alkaline fractions within her reproductive tract, these fluctuations directly affect the gender baby that can be conceived at the time of ovulation.

The biorhythm theory is a theory based on the fact that every
person, from the moment of birth, is ruled by their biorhythms or
circadian rhythms.

It rules the balance of our sleep/awake body
clock and is the basis of our hormone secretions.

Our research focused on the impact of the women’s biorhythm
cycles and her hormone production, the alternating pH within
the follicular fluid and how that was a major factor in determining
the baby’s gender at the time of ovulation.

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